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Robin Drive-The Preserve Phase II Project
Note: Extended Review Per Lead The project is located on an undeveloped parcel southeast of the corner of Paradise Drive and Robin Drive in the Town of Corte Madera (APN 038-011-21). The project would develop the 5.93 acre lower portion of the overall 15.42-acre parcel. The upper (southern) portion of the parcel would remain undeveloped as private open space. A public access easement would be recorded to maintain a footpath that traverses the upper portion from Robin Drive in a north-south direction to Ring Mountain. The project would construct rental housing consisting of 16 residential units, 8 accessory dwelling residential units, and accessory facilities including a private roadway, sidewalks, bridge, utilities, and landscaping as part of a planned development. In addition, the project includes a zoning amendment to change the zoning overlay for the site.
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Town of Corte Madera Robin Drive - The Preserve Phase II
Town of Corte Madera Robin Drive-The Preserve Phase II Project