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Balboa Reservoir Project
The proposed Balboa Reservoir Project is located on an approx 17-acre site in W. of Twin Peaks area of south central San Francisco. The site is north of the Ocean Ave commercial district, west of City College of San Francisco Ocean Campus, east of Westwood Park neighborhood, and south of Archbishop Riordan HS. The proposed project would amend the general plan, including the Balboa Park Station Area Plan, and the planning code, adding a new Balboa Reservoir Special Use District. The special use district would establish land use zoning controls and incorporate design standards and guidelines for the site. The SF Zoning Map would be amended to show changes from the current zoning to the proposed zoning and would modify the existing height limits of 40-65 ft to heights of up to 78 ft in the developer's proposed option and up to 88 ft in the Additional Housing Option. Overall, the proposed project would construct up to approx 1.8 M gsf of uses, including between approx 1.3 and 1.5 M gsf of residential space (1,100 to 1,550 dwelling units plus residential amenities), approx 10,000 gsf of community space (childcare and a community room for public use), approx 7,500 gsf of retail, up to 550 residential parking spaces and 750 public parking spaces in the Developer's Proposed Option and up to 650 residential parking spaces in the Additional Housing Option. The buildings would range in height 25-78 ft in the Developer's Proposed Option and from 25-88 ft in the additional Housing Option. Approx 4 acres would be devoted to publicly accessible open space. The SFPUC would retain ownership of an 80-ft wide strip of land located along the southern edge of the site where an underground water transmission pipeline is located. The proposed project would include transportation and circulation changes, including the extension of existing north-south Lee Ave across the site, and a new internal street network. The project would design the roadway network to be accessible for people walking, including people with disabilities, bicycling, and driving. The project would also add new utility infrastructure to supply the site with potable water, wastewater collection, stormwater collection and treatment, electricity, natural gas, and communications.
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City and County of San Francisco Balboa Reservoir Project
City and County of San Francisco Balboa Reservoir Project
City and County of San Francisco Balboa Reservoir Project