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TTM 37439 - Canterwood
The proposed project includes Change of Zone No. 1800007 (CZ 1800007), Plot Plan No. 180024 (PPT180024), and Tentative Tract Map No. 37439 (TTM 37439), as well as off-site roadway, drainage, and sewer improvements to serve the project. CZ 1800007 proposes to change the zoning classification on the entire residential project site of 158.18 gross acres from R-1 to R-4 (Planned Residential). TTM 37439 proposes a subdivision of 158.18 gross acres into 574 single-family residential lots, 25 open space lots, 9 drainage basin lots, and 45.6 acres of project roadways. The density of TTM 37439 is 3.6 dwelling units/acre. PPT 180024 proposes a total of 574 single-family residential lots. Canterwood includes 4 individual neighborhoods, with min lots sizes of 4,700 sf, 5,000 sf, 5,500 sf, and 6,500 sf. 5 architectural styles have been provided. The centerpiece of the community is a min 8.96-acre community park located in northwest portion of the project. Canterwood also features landscape buffers, passive open space areas, 10 paseos, and approx 13,264 lf of trails/paseos and 56,417 lf of public street sidewalks.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
Riverside County TIM 37439 • CANTERWOOO
Riverside County TTM 37439 - Canterwood