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H36P LLC Conditional Use Permits & Special Permits CUP
CUP and Special permits for the development and operation of a new commercial cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing facility, and retail cannabis dispensary in two phases. Also a CUP pursuant to the provisions Q combining zone, area 6, adopted as ordinance no 1689 on May 28, 1985, and as amended by ordinance no 1784 on Dec 16, 1986. At full build out the total size of the proposed project will be approx 47,500 sf (1.09 acre), which would comprise approx 20% of the 5.4 acre project site. Phase 1 consists of volatile and non-volatile extraction in a proposed 2,932 sf building, and retail cannabis dispensary in the footprint of an existing mobile home that will be removed. Phase 2 will consist of adding 10,000 sf of new indoor cultivation in a proposed 16,000 sf building, 10,000 sf of new mixed-light cultivation in greenhouses, a new 20,000 sf processing and manufacturing building, a 2,000 sf outdoor propagation area, a well, and a septic system. Parking and internal circulation roadways will be constructed during each phase. The water source for phase 1 is a permitted well installed prior to 1991 and renovated in 2017 under a newly-issued well permit. Water for phase 2 would be supplied by the proposed well, and the existing well would be decommissioned following completion of the proposed well. If the proposed well proves to be infeasible, a rainwater catchment and cistern system would be installed to meet at least the irrigation demand of the proposed cultivation. Up to 200,000 gallons of water storage capacity in plastic tanks would be installed during phase 2 if necessary to provide water for fire-fighting. If the proposed well should prove to be infeasible, a rainwater catchment and cistern system would be installed to meet, at a min, the irrigation needs of the proposed cultivation. Processing would occur on-site and include drying and trimming of cannabis flower, with the majority being manufactured into extract. Staffing at peak operation would be 37 employees. The facility would be fenced and there would be two full-time security guards. Electric service is provided by PGE with carbon offset purchased through the Climate Smart or similar program.
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Humboldt County Engel Water Diversion Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0706-R1)
Humboldt County H36P LLC Conditional Use Permits & Special Permits CUP