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L and D Landfill Vertical Expansion Project (Z18-112)
The proposed project consists of vertical expansion of the available airspace from 97 ft above mean sea level to 140 ft msl to allow for an additional 2.2 M cy of solid waste to be disposed of at the L and D Landfill. Landfill operations would not exceed the current permitted daily throughout of 4,125 tons of material or a max of 480 vehicles per day, which would result in a five- to eight-year extension of the overall lifetime of the landfill, depending on solid waste disposal rates. The proposed project would require city of Sacramento approval of a CUP modification.
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5 documents in project

Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Sacramento Variance TWW-2021-HT-00138 to Allow the Transport and Accumulation of Treated Wood Waste under Alternate Procedures by L and D Landfill
City of Sacramento Land D Landfill Vertical Expansion (Z18-112)
City of Sacramento Concurrence in the Issuance of a Revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit for L&D Landfill in Sacramento County, SWIS No. 34-AA-0020
City of Sacramento L & D Vertical Expansion (Z18-112)
City of Sacramento L and D Landfill Vertical Expansion Project (Z18-112)