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Covina Town Center Specific Plan Update
The Town Center Specific Plan (TCSP) update includes a General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Amendment, Zoning Map Amendment, and Zoning Code Text Amendment to revise the TCSP boundary and revise the zoning designations within the Plan Area. The proposed updated Plan area encompasses 226 gross acres. The TCSP update identifies the long-term vision and objectives for private development and public improvements; and establishes land use, transportation, infrastructure, and urban design strategies to promote transit-oriented development, provide increased opportunities for rail ridership, improve first/last mile opportunities, and revitalize Covina's town center. The update will support total gross development of up to 2.3 million (448,800 net) SF of retail, office, industrial, and public facility building space and 746 (259 net) units through 2040.
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City of Covina Covina Town Center Specific Plan Update
City of Covina Covina Town Center Specific Plan Update