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Humboldt Wind Energy Project
Project includes: a) 60 turbines ranging between 2.2 and 4.5 MW, erected on tubular steel towers set on concrete foundations, and associated turbine pads, temporary staging areas, and transformers; b) Roads, consisting of existing and new roads, and including both temporary access roads required for construction and permanent service roads for O&M, as well as minor public road improvements to facilitate turbine delivery; c) 115 kV Gen-Tie providing project Interconnection with the existing PG&E transmission system; d) substation to connect to the Gen-Tie; e) electrical collection system linking turbines to each other and to the substation; f) communication system (fiber optic cable) adjacent to the collection system; g) O&M facility including an operations building and outdoor storage area; h) meteorological towers (METs); i) temporary construction staging areas.
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Humboldt County Humboldt Wind Energy Project
Humboldt County Humboldt Wind Energy Project