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Goldenwest Commercial Project
The project consists of a GPA, Z map amendment, and a development review to accommodate a new commercial building at 14731 Goldenwest St, adjacent to 6942 Sowell Avenue, is zoned R-1 with parking overlay, and had a General Plan Land Use Designation of Residential. This portion of 14731 Goldenwest Street is included as part of the proposed project and if approved will be rezoned with 6942 Sowell Ave. The property located at 6942 Sowell Street is approximately 7,912 square feet and portion of 14731 Goldenwest Street, which is included in the project, is approximately 22,631 square feet. Note: See NOD for full project description
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Westminster Drive Thru/Food Service Building - Goldenwest Street
City of Westminster Goldenwest Commercial Project