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McClellan Ranch Parking Area
CDFW has executed Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement number 1600-2018-0207-R3, pursuant to section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project applicant, City of Cupertino. The project is a component of a larger project that includes construction of a 0.53 acre parking area for the McClellan Ranch Preserve. Only portions of the overall project that are within the riparian are included in the Agreement. The project includes planting of approx. 19 native trees and approx. 12,000 square feet of native understory plants. The asphalt driveway will be demolished, approx. 200 feet of the driveway is within the riparian area and close to top of bank. Work activities will not occur within the wetted channel.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Cupertino McClellan Ranch West Parking Area (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2018-0207-R3)
City of Cupertino McClellan Ranch Parking Area