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Cayucos Veterans Memorial Building Rehabilitation/Restoration
This project will stabilize, rehabilitate, and restore the Cayucos Veterans memorial Building at Cayucos State Beach to create a safe and useable facility for multiple community activities. Remove all non-historic additions to the original building. Carefully removes existing wood siding and store for later reapplication. Structurally stabilize the building and raise it 6' to remove existing foundation; Install a new pier and grade beam foundation, including concrete stem-walls at the building's perimeter and lower the building onto the new foundation. Install steel frames between ecisting truss bays to provide roof support. Install additional wood studs to provide additional wall support. Install additional fasteners to secure trusses. Inspect, and replace as needed, roof boards prior to installing new roof sheathing and new cedar shakes/shingles. Frame for and install new door and windows. Sheath entire exterior of building with plywood and reapply the historic wood siding and new to match wood siding where needed. Complete interior finishes to showcase as much of the original histpric fabric as possible. Construct new exterior decking, railings, stairs and ramps, and Install new signage
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) Cayucos Veterans Hall Building Renovation
California Department of Parks and Recreation Cayucos Veterans Memorial Building Rehabilitation/Restoration