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Yolo County Housing Tentative Subdivision (ZF# 2017-0083)
Project is a request for approval of a Tentative Subdivision Map that would divide three separate corner parcels in an existing subdivision, totaling 0.6 acres, into six parcels. The parcels are located in the Country West Unit No. 2 development, in Esparto, and have been owned by Yolo County Housing since the creation of the subdivision. The six new lots would range in size from 3,692 sq. ft. to 4,873 sq. ft., measuring either 35 or 45 feet in front by 105.51 to 110.98 feet in length.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Yolo County Zone File ZF #2017-0083 Yolo County Housing Tentative Parcel Map
Yolo County Yolo County Housing Tentative Subdivision (ZF# 2017-0083)