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Assignment of State Water Project (SWP) contract (SWP Contract) from the Santa Barbara County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) to the
In 1963, the district entered into the SWP Contract with DWR for the delivery of SWP water to the county. In exchange for such service, the district agreed to repay all associated SWP capital and operating costs. On August 31, 1991, CCWA's Members entered into the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement creating other retail agencies and end users. On November 12,1991, the District and CCWA entered into a Transfer of Financial Responsibility Agreement under which the district assigned its financial obligations under the SWP contract to CCWA, but the district remained a party to the SWP contract. For the past 26years, CCWA has assumed full responsibility for performance of the SWP contract pursuant to the TFRA. The parties now propose to release the district from all obligations under the SWP Contract and assign the SWP Contract to CCWA. In order to accomplish this, DWR, the District, and CCWA will agree to the assignment, including the District's relinquishment of all rights and obligations under the SWP contract, CCWA's assumption of all rights and obligations under the SWP Contract, and DWR's release of the District and approval of the assignment pursuant to Article 41 of the SWP Contract. As necessary to authorize CCWA to agree to the assignment, the following approvals will also occur: 1) the members will each agree to amend the joint exercise of powers agreement to authorize CCWA to contract with DWR for the delivery of SWP water to the county; and 2) each member and CCWA will agree to amend the Member's water supply agreement to conform.
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Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District Cont.: Central Coast Water Authority (CCWA)

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