SCH Number 2017111027

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Witt Mission Valley
A request for a site development permit and planned development permit demolish 38,070 sf of existing structures and on-site surface parking and construct a 527,760 sf mixed use development comprised of 267 multi-family residential units and ten shopkeeper units totaling approx 343,160 sf, 6,000 sf of retail space, and 3,600 sf of commercial space. The project would range in height from one-story to five stories. Parking would be provided in a central five-story, above-ground parking structure wrapped with residential units. A total of 422 parking spaces would be provided in the parking structure and 56 surface parking spaces, for a total of 478 parking spaces. Various site improvements would also be constructed that includes associated hardscape and landscape and resident amenity spaces. The project would incorporate a pv system consisting of solar panels sufficient to generate at least 50% for the residential component consumption and 30% for the commercial and retail uses consumption consistent with the requirements of the Sustainable Building Expedite Program.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of San Diego Witt Mission Valley
City of San Diego Witt Mission Valley