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Fair Oaks Boulevard Complete Streets Master Plan
The purpose of the proposed project is to improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility within the Fair Oaks Blvd corridor. Fair Oaks Blvd currently serves as a 6-lane thoroughfare between Howe Ave. and Munroe St., and is paralleled by two 2-lane frontage streets from University Avenue to Fulton Ave. The frontage roads will remain in their existing capacity as two-way streets after this project. The Master Plan creates a "complete street vision for the section of Fair Oaks Blvd., from Howe Ave. to Munroe St and Fulton Ave. from Fair Oaks Blvd to Munroe St., incorporating concepts to improve pedestrian, bicycle, public transit and motorist mobility. Although the Fair Oaks Complete Streets Master Plan is a master plan document, it is analyzed on the project level due to the small size of the project and the narrow scope of the document. Improvements to the corridor are planned in multiple phases, with funding currently allocated for Phase One improvements. Phase One includes the planning, design, and construction of the two signalized pedestrian crossings on Fair Oaks Blvd. Phase One is fully funded by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments 2014 Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Program. Future phases of the project will construct the improvements developed in the Master Plan.
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Sacramento County Fair Oaks Boulevard Complete Streets Master Plan
Sacramento County Fair Oaks Boulevard Complete Streets Master Plan