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Laguna Lake Dredging and Sediment Management Project
The city of San Luis Obispo proposes to implement a maintenance dredging regime that will remove sediment impacting the function and operation of Laguna Lake as a recreational facility within the Parks and Recreation Dept and as a wildlife and natural reserve overseen by the city's Natural Resources Program. This work will be performed by hydraulic dredging methods without draining the Lake. The project also includes some elements of bank restoration and stabilization on the northern shore adjacent to the park, emptying and restoring of the sedimentation basin on Prefumo Creek between Los Osos Valley Rd and Laguna Lake, and future construction of a new sedimentation basin within the city owned golf course on the south side of Los Osos Valley Rd on Prefumo Creek. Project will remove a sediment layer averaging approx. 3-4 feet deep in the area shown on Attachment 2 for a total removal of between 3,000 CY and 4,000 CY of material. The material will be disposed of at a local off-site location in a legal and lawful manner. Sediments will be transported to the disposal site in covered trucks/trailers. Although there may be one or more local ranches or development project sites that may desire and receive some or all of the sediment, the guaranteed or default disposal site will be the Cold Canyon Landfill, located at 2268 Carpenter Canyon Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. The landfill has reviewed the soils reports and determined they can receive the sediment for disposal, and possibly for use as daily cover dirt. The project will only dispose of sediment at other, closer locations if, at project bid time, these locations have appropriate and required environmental documentation and permitting in place.
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City of San Luis Obispo Laguna Lake Dredging and Sediment Management Project (Lake Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2018-0201-R4)
City of San Luis Obispo Laguna Lake Dredging and Sediment Management Project
City of San Luis Obispo Laguna Lake Dredging and Sediment Management Project

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