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Deadman Gulch Restoration Project
The proposed Deadman Gulch Restoration Project would apply silvicultural treatments to approx. 110 acres of second growth redwood and redwood-Douglas fir forest with the goal of restoring conditions under which the forest would more rapidly re-acquire its former "old growth" condition. Treatments would focus on thinning hardwoods and small conifers, where such treatments would benefit already-established redwoods, Douglas-fir, and hardwoods. Treatments of this kind have been shown to increase growth rates of retained trees and to expedite the acquisition of old-growth characteristics. Other treatments would be used to convert small areas of hardwood to Douglas fir, where it is determined that Douglas fir have been displaced by fire and timber harvest. Treatments would also reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. Treatments would be accomplished by crews accessing the site on-foot using hand-held power equipment including chainsaws. Crews would be supervised by the San Vicente Redwoods Property Manager, a Registered Professional Forester. The project design includes provisions to protect streams and other sensitive biological resources. Thinned trees would be left on the ground as large woody debris. Slash would be lopped-and-scattered or piled and burned.
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Santa Cruz County Deadman Gulch Restoration Project
Santa Cruz County Deadman Gulch Restoration Project