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UPE14-0008 Ramey Winery
Request for a use permit to construct a new winery building (two story, approx. 32,210 sf) with a max annual case production of 60,000 cases, a new wine cave (approx. 20,720 sf), a conversion of an existing hop kiln building to a public tasting room open from 10 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week, and a conversion of an existing hop bailing barn to a private tasting room with a two-guest room marketing accommodation unit on the upper floor. The request includes 22 agricultural promotional events per year with a range of max guests (10 events with 30 guests, 5 events with 60 guests, 5 events with 120 guests, & 2 events with 300 guests), and participation an industry wide events totaling two event days with a max of 300 guests on a parcel 75 acres in size. On the west side of the project site, agricultural promotional events would be limited to a max of 30 guests and industry wide events will not be held on this side of the project site. A four-year use permit term is requested under section 26-92-130 of the zoning code. No weddings, receptions, or concerts are proposed. The parcel is under a prime land conservation contact. No vines will be removed to accommodate the winery facility or related site infrastructure.
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Sonoma County UPE14-0008 Ramey Winery
Sonoma County UPE14-0008 Ramey Winery