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HRSP Young Conifer Forest Restoration
California State Parks proposes to restore conifer forests by mechanically thinning (using chainsaws) approx 3,095 acres of formerly harvested stands to promote historic species composition, accelerate tree growth and enhance vigor to accelerate the development of late-seral forest characteristics. The project is located within the North Coast Redwoods District of CA State Parks. The proposed work will take place in second-growth mixed conifer stands at very high density levels across Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The proposed thinning will not result in a basal area lower than 150 ft 2/ac or less than 100 trees per acre (over 5" diameter at breast height (dbh)). No trees larger than 17" dbh will be cut. Treated forests will also retain a canopy closure of at least 60%. Prescriptions will be modified when necessary to protect sensitive resource such as rare plants or animals, wetland habitats, cultural resources, and geologically unstable areas.
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California Department of Parks and Recreation Humboldt Redwoods State Park Young Confier Forest Restoration
California Department of Parks and Recreation HRSP Young Conifer Forest Restoration