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Rockport Ranch
Note: Review Per Lead The project includes the following applications: GPA 2016-287, Change of Zone 2016-288, Specific Plan 2016-286, and Tentative Tract Map 2016-285. The approx 79.68-acre project will be comprised of two main land uses; a residential land use component and an open space land use component. These individual land uses will be subdivided to accommodate two forms of residential development and two forms of open space use. Residential land uses totaling 38.4 acres will be a mix of single-family homes and single family courtyard residential development with each type located in clusters of like products. Open space within the specific plan area will total 20.1 acres and is the only other land use allowed within the specific plan area. Open space also will be subdivided into two categories; passive open space and recreational open space.
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City of Menifee "Rockport Ranch" - Planning Application Nos. General Plan Amendment No. 2016-287 (GPA 2016-287), Change of Zone No. 2016-288 (CZ 2016-288), Specific Plan No. 20
City of Menifee Rockport Ranch
City of Menifee Rockport Ranch