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Traver Community Wastewater System Improvements
The project includes improvements to the Traver Community Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) as described in the Traver Community Waste Water Systems Improvement Plan of Study. The proposed improvements to the WWTP add reliability to the system while increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. The improvements are also needed to expand capacity to accommodate existing un-sewered and planned and future proposed residential, industrial and commercial developments. The RWQCB will require modifications to the Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) permit of the project is completed. With the WWTP improvements, the treatment process will need to be changed to meet the new effluent limits. Including the updated WDR, it is anticipated that the Monitoring and Reporting Requirements that would be issued with the WDR would include groundwater monitoring requirements. The groundwater monitoring requirements would be used by the RWQCB to verify the effluent discharges via percolation or irrigation do not degrade the underlying groundwater. The monitoring would involve sampling from monitoring wells. This Project considers two alternative treatment solutions: a Biolac system and a package treatment plant. Alternative I - Construction of a redundant aeration pond. The new pond would be designed to be compatible with future treatment options. Alternative II - An expansion to the WWTF would occur leading to the construction of two 100,000 gpd capacity package treatment plants. A package treatment plant will provide the process necessary to address treatment needs in a reliable manner.
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Tulare County Final Environmental Impact Report for the Traver Community Wastewater System Project
Tulare County Traver Community Wastewater System Improvements
Tulare County Traver Community Wastewater System Improvements