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City of Monterey Detention Basin Management Project
The project includes maintenance activities for six detention basins in the city of Monterey: Lake El Estero, Washerwoman's Pond, Lagunita Mirada Sediment Basin, Lower Ragsdale, Harris, and Wilson. The detention basins capture and store stormwater runoff from surrounding areas. The capacity and function of these detention basins have been reduced by the presence of emergent vegetation and the accumulation of sediment. Additionally, some have associated infrastructure that requires upkeep and occasional repairs to function as intended. The project involves management and maintenance activities by the city that would allow the intended function and capacity of these detention basins to be restored and maintained over a period of 15 years. The proposed activities include dredging of all of the basins except Lake El Estero to restore their design depths. Washerwoman's Pond and Lagunita Mirada Sediment Basin would be drained for maintenance activities, to work at the pipe inlets and the outlet head-walls. Proposed maintenance activities at all of the basins would include: vegetation management/removal; trash removal; and inspection and repair of infrastructure as needed. Installation of specific erosion control structures are proposed at Lake El Estero.
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City of Monterey Detention Basin Maintenance (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2017-0176-R4)
City of Monterey City of Monterey Detention Basin Management Project