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Stabilization of Multiple Buildings
Perform essential fire safety, stabilization, and weather protection repairs to multiple historic structures at Olopali SHP, to arrest deterioration and extend the life span of the buildings. The project includes repair or replacement of deteriorating structural elements and materials for various historic buildings as follows: " At Saltbox; document historic fabric, repair/replace roof & windows, protect foundation by replacing piers and installing concrete footings, replace roof, and abate lead paint. " At Ranch House; repair/replace roof & windows, and abate lead paint. " At Cook House; repair/replace roof, repair/replace wood siding, install new wood deck flooring, and abate lead paint. " At Blacksmith Shop; repair/replace roof, repair/replace wood siding and trim, and abate lead paint. " At Burdell Barn; repair/replace siding and wood battens, repair/replace roof, and abate lead paint. " Staging Area; the project staging area is an area approximately 250ft2 in size, located in front of the Dairy Barn.
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California Department of Parks and Recreation Stabilization of Multiple Buildings