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Del Amo Boulevard and Lakewood Boulevard Intersection Improvements
Del Amo and Lakewood Blvd are heavily traveled arterials in an urbanized area of southeast LA County. The Del Amo Blvd and Lakewood Blvd intersection is identified by the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (GCCOG) for priority improvements to reduce existing and future congestion in the region. The project will reduce congestion, improve intersection operations, enhance safety, and minimize environmental and economic impacts. The subject intersection experiences significant congestion which is forecasted to have LOS F in 2035 for both the AM and PM peak hours in 2035. The project consists of creating dual left-turn lanes at all four legs of the intersection and adding a bike lane to Del Amo Blvd. The project proposes slightly widening within the intersection itself and a portion of Del Amo Blvd to accommodate the improvements. The work includes: Reconstruct curb and gutter on the south side of Del Amo and both sides of Lakewood Blvd; Construct 6- to 8- foot wide sidewalks at all four corners of the intersection. Remove an existing median island on Del Amo; New pavement overlay on Del Amo and Lakewood Blvd.; Install ADA compliant curb ramps at the intersection; Catch basin relocations; Widen a box culvert bridge at the LA County Flood Control District Channel; Construct a 3-foot tall retaining wall topped with wrought iron fencing along the channel wall 300 feet east and west of Lakewood Blvd.; Replace the existing shelter at the southeast corner of the intersection; Traffic signal modifications; New signage and striping; Relocate utility poles on the west side of the intersection; Storm water quality treatment; Replace landscaping; Relocate electrical utilities. I declare that I have examined the proposed specific plan amendment, and on the basis of the Initial Study and Environmental Checklist on file in my office as a public document, it is my opinion that the proposed project will have no significant impact upon the environment within the meaning of the CEQA of 1970, as amended.
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City of Lakewood Del Amo Boulevard and Lakewood Boulevard Intersection Improvements
City of Lakewood Del Amo Boulevard and Lakewood Boulevard Intersection Improvements