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Scaling Reliable, Next-Generation Perovskite Solar Cell Modules
Thsi project is aimed at revolutionizing the 50 GW annual production of solar cells by producing a step-change drop in absorber and cell manufacturing costs relative to commercialized Si and thin-film technologies. Recent advances have pushed the solar conversion efficiency of the emergent class of perovskite solar absorbers from a few percent to 22.1% within several years, making perovskites already one of the most efficient solar technologies in existence. However, they degrade rapidly under operating conditions. Because of the limited reliability perovskites have demonstrated to date, industry players have not shown interest in commercialization despite in-lab demonstrations of high efficiencies. With the support of EPIC funding, we will integrate independent materials innovations the UCSD team leaders have developed to date in the perovskite absorber layer, the solar cell's transport and contact layers, and the encapsulation of the module to make breakthrough advances in perovskite solar cell reliability and scaling. The project team will use a scalable large-area manufacturing approach to deposit a defect-engineered absorber, conformally coat it with a modified robust hole transport layer, and use state-of-the-art graphene barrier layers to encapsulate the cell to achieve reliable, high-efficiency perovskite solar cell performance. A successful project outcome will de-risk perovskite solar cell commercialization and lead to a transformation in the industry's cost structure.
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California Energy Commission Scaling Reliable, Next-Generation Perovskite Solar Cell Modules