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Todd Academy Expansion Project ("Project")
The District is proposing to expand the school by adding relocatable interim buildings and constructing a permanent building on land that is currently a play field. The project also involves demobilization of all interim buildings upon completion of the permanent buildings, and recovering building pads as a playground turf area. District proposes to install 4 relocatable interim buildings to accommodate 125 8th grade students. These interim buildings are to be located along the south-eastern portion of the Project Site along Mayhew Canyon Road. The District proposes to construct a permanent building to accommodate 250 students (the 125 8th graders noted above, plus 125 7th graders currently accommodated in other relocatable interim buildings). The proposed permanent buildings is a two-story academic facility consisting of approx. 25,000 gross sq. ft. (12,500 sq. ft. first floor plan area). The permanent building will contain standard classrooms, physical education locker rooms, and science, art, and band labs. The permanent building is to be located on the south-western portion of the Project Site along Coral Canyon Road. Upon Completion of the permanent building, the District would demobilize the relocatable interim buildings. There would be 11 interim buildings to remove, including the 4 discussed above for the 8th graders, and the remaining 7 that currently house the 7th graders.
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Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) Todd Academy Expansion Project
Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) Todd Academy Expansion Project ("Project")