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Rockville Trails Preserve
To change the General Plan designation on a portion of the property from Rural Residential to Agricultural. The applicant is also requesting a rezoning of a portion of the property from Rural Residential/Policy Plan Overlay to Agricultural/Policy Plan Overlay. the rezoning will allow public open space uses to a privately owned, working cattle ranch by allowing use of the site by hikers, trail runners, mountain bicyclers, equestrians, and other low-impact recreation and educational uses.
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Solano County Bay Area Ridge Trail: Rockville Trails Preserve
Solano County General Plan Amendment Applicant No. G-15-01, Rezoning Petition No. Z-15-01, and Policy Plan Overlay No. PP-15-01 of Rockville Trails Preserve, Solano Land Trus
Solano County Rockville Trails Preserve