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Delta Plan Amendments
The proposed project consists of 3 amendments to the Delta Plan (DP): 1) Delta Levee Investment and Risk Reduction Strategy-Updated and new recommendations or regulations regarding strategic in Delta levees for the purposes of risk reduction, including repeal of interim DP policy RR P1; 2) Conveyance, Storage Systems, and the Operation of Both-Promotion of options for new and improved infrastructure relating to Delta water conveyance, storage, and the operation of both to achieve the coequal goals," this proposed amendment includes an amendment to WR R12; 3) Performance Measures-Proposed revisions to DP Appendix E performance measures. The Delta Plan, which is a long term management plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) prepared pursuant to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009, was adopted in 2013 and was last amended in 2016. Several components of the Delta Plan require revisions due to changes in circumstances and conditions in the Delta, and prior commitments made in the Delta Plan when it was adopted in 2013. The project consists of three amendments to the Delta Plan: Delta Levee Investment and Risk Reduction Strategy - the proposed DLIS Amendment identifies State interests in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) that are vulnerable to flooding; defines principles to guide the development and refinement of potential Delta Plan policies and recommendations; and evaluate risks to State interests due to potential levee failure, all for the purposes of attempting to reduce risks to people, property, and State interests in the Delta; and to recommend priorities for State investment in levee operation, maintenance, and improvements in the Delta. Delta Conveyance, Storage Systems, and the Operation of Both (CS) - The CSO Amendment promotes options for design, implementation and operation of the following to achieve the coequal goals: i) new and improved Delta water conveyance, (ii) new and improved Delta water storage, and (iii) improved operations of both. Performance Measures (PM) - the proposed PM Amendment would amend Appendix E. of the Delta Plan to include revised output and outcome performance measures. The proposed performance measures contain quantified or otherwise measurable targets to be used as indicators off whether the Delta Plan is meeting its objectives.
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Delta Stewardship Council Delta Levees Investment Strategy - Delta Plan Amendments Program EIR Addendum
Delta Stewardship Council Delta Plan Amendments
Delta Stewardship Council Delta Plan Amendments
Delta Stewardship Council Delta Plan Amendments