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Backyard Waterline Replacement Project
The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is the responsible agency. The SWRCB's Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SDWSRF) Program is providing funds for the project. The South Tahoe Public Utility District will conduct a project that includes the installation of fire hydrants, pressure regulating valves, air release valves, water services, meters, valve clusters, paving, and appurtenances. All water lines would be placed within the right of way under existing roadway pavement. New hydrants would be added in the project area and would be spaced so that there is no more than 500 feet separating individual hydrants for fire protection purposes. All unmetered developed lots in the project area would be metered. New meters would be installed at the edge of the right-of-way. Any existing waterline connections that occur in residence back yards would be abandoned in place and moved to new water lines accessible from the roadway right-of-way. All paving would be limited to the replacement of existing pavement disturbed for waterline, meter or appurtenance installation purposes. The proposed water replacement Project in the Marlette, Aloha, and Ponderosa areas would increase the water supply for fire flow purposes. The installation and replacement of approximately 6,174 linear feet of new waterline would occur within the project area; 2,964 linear feet of waterline in the Ponderosa area; 1,810 linear feet of waterline in the Marlette area; 1,400 linear feet of waterline in the Aloha area. In the Ponderosa area, 1,560 linear feet of the 2,964 linear feet identified above will be new i.e. installed in a street that does not currently have a water line in it.
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South Tahoe Public Utility District Waterline Replacement Program
South Tahoe Public Utility District Backyard Waterline Replacement Project