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Malibu Memorial Park
The Malibu Memorial Park project consists of a chapel, 176 parking spaces, 47 freestanding mausoleum structures, approximately 28,265 in-ground burial plot spaces intermittently located throughout the property, 3,644 interments in above grade well crypt structures and approximately 65,036 sf of walking trails on approximately 21.0 acres of the 27.8 acre site. The 28-foot in height chapel building consists of a 6,673 sf main level and 9,348 sf subterranean garage and basement located in the center of the project site. Visitor access will be provided by a system of pedestrian and golf cart trails used to access the individual mausoleums and burial plots. A sloping waterfall would mark the primary entrance from Malibu Canyon Road, with an additional water feature in the median of the entry driveway. The project is located in the commercial visitor serving-2 zoning district. The complete project description is provided in the initial study.
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City of Malibu Malibu Memorial Park
City of Malibu Malibu Memorial Park