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Caples Creek Watershed Ecological Restoration Project
The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) would provide $476,709 in funding to El Dorado Irrigation District to implement the Caples Creek WAtershed Ecological Restoration Project (proposed project). The proposed project involves prescribed fire activities on approx. 6,800 acres, and meadow restoration and aspen enhancement activities on approx. 25 acres in the Caples Creek watershed in the El Dorado National Forest. The proposed project would reintroduce fire as an ecosystem process to reduce fuel accumulation, to reduce the risk of high intensity wildfire, and restore a a diverse forest composition and structure over multiple years. Prescribed understory fires (both hand and aerial ignitions) within 25 miles of containment lines would be implemented under carefully monitored conditions favoring low to moderate intensity understory fires that would consume surface fuels, thin out small trees (aspen, oak, and cottonwood) contributing to a more diverse forest structure and composition. As part of restoration efforts in Jake Schneider Meadow, the proposed project would remove the competing confiers from aspen groves and reroute a hiking trail around the meadow. The project includes design criteria and best management practices adopted by the USFS for project activities to prtoect aquatic, terrestrial, and botanical special-status species, waterways and riparian areas, cultural resources, and easethetic/visual resources. Impacts from smoke emissions would be minimized by complying with smoke management plans taht will be approved by the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District. SNC has reviewed the Initial Study nad Neg Dec prepared by EID, and has independently determined that the Project would not result in significant adverse environmental impacts.
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El Dorado Irrigation District Caples Creek Watershed Ecological Restoration Project
El Dorado Irrigation District Caples Creek Watershed Ecological Restoration Project