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Draft Removal Action Work Plan for United Industries Site
DTSC is considering approval pursuant to Chp 6.8 of the RAP at the former United Industries Corporation property, located at 4060 East 26th St, Vernon, CA, hereinafter the site or the facility. The purpose of the proposed project is to remediate soil impacted with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), pesticides, metals, and total petroleum hydrocarbons and soil vapor impacted with VOCs in order to minimize human exposure and protect the environment. The RAP proposes to excavate surface soils impacted at concentrations that exceed project-specific industrial cleanup levels and operate a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system to remove VOCs from deep soils and soil vapor. Upon completion of the scope of the RAP, a land use covenant (LUC)/deed restrictions would be implemented to limit the Site to industrial/commercial uses and prohibit future Site development for residential, hospital, hospice, school, or daycare center use of the property, and provide a management plan for any future maintenance work in the soils. The SVE system includes several extraction wells connected to the treatment units. The SVE system will be installed and permitted in accordance with South Coast Air Quality Management District's air pollution control regulations. The SVE system will operate until the cleanup goals are achieved. Months of operation time is the initial estimate to treat the contamination. The system will operate until levels are reached that do not pose a significant risk. A Site-specific air permit will be obtained from the South Coast Air Quality Management District for operation of the SVE system. The SVE system will be operated in a manner consistent with the permit and other pertinent requirements of SCAQMD. Upon completion of construction activities, remediation systems operations and maintenance and soil vapor and indoor air concentration monitoring will occur.
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California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) United Industries Corporation
California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Draft Removal Action Work Plan for United Industries Site