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Site Plan Reviews 15-07 and 15-08
Note: Response to Comments The proposed projects consist of the construction and operation of PV solar electric generating fields/facilities on two sites for a total of 7.5 MW. Each site would be developed with 3 to 4.5 MW with the combined total not exceeding 7.5 MWs. Each field consists of rows of photovoltaic panels on single axis trackers. These PV panels convert sunlight directly into electrical energy without the use of heat transfer fluid or cooling water. The proposed projects would connect into the SCE 12 kv distribution system on Avenue G. Chain link fencing would surround each project site and a 10 ft landscaped area would be provided between the fence and property line to screen the development from surrounding uses. This landscaping will be placed along the projects Avenue G and Division St frontages. Access would be from Division St.
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City of Lancaster Site Plan Reviews 15-07 and 15-08
City of Lancaster Site Plan Reviews 15-07 and 15-08