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Byers Warehouse Development Permit
Z16-001; DP15-006; AM14-001; MGT15-020; MGT16-001; MI15-020; EIS15-019: Combined applications for 1) a Zoning Map Amendment (Z16-001) to remove the SP zoning district overlay on the property and its requirements for floodplain setbacks and water supply; 2) a Development Permit (DP15-006) to construct an 8,750 sq. ft. warehouse, a fire protection water storage tank, parking overflow areas, lighting, and landscaping; 3) a Map Amendment (AM14-001) to resolve inaccuracies regarding the location of an onsite pond and ditch and remove required setbacks from those features on the existing parcel map; 4) a Biological Resources Management Plan (MGT15-020) to reduce impacts from disturbance of the 100-foot non-disturbance buffer to South Fork Wolf Creek; 5) a Floodplain Management Plan (MGT16-001) to reduce impacts from encroachment into the 100-foot setback to the floodplain; and 6) a Petition for Exception (MI15-020) to reduce the standards for right-of-way width from 50 to 20 feet and roadway width from 20 to 15 feet, and eliminate the fuel modification requirement on the west side of Slow Poke Lane.
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Nevada County Z16-001, DP15-006, AM14-001, MGT15-020, MGT16-001, MI15-020, EIS15-019 - Byers Warehouse Project
Nevada County Byers Warehouse Development Permit