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Yada Family Farm Subdivision
The Yada Family Farm Subdivision project is proposing to subdivide a 4.57 acre site into 12 single-family residential lots and a remainder lot for a project density of 2.8 dwelling units per acre. Lots 1-12 are newly proposed, while the thirteenth lot is identified on the map as "not a part" and is presently developed with an existing two-story single family home. Residential dwelling units on Lots 1-12 are not proposed as part of the subdivision, but in the future will include the development of 12 single family dwelling units and two (2) second dwelling units proposed on Lots 1 and 5 that will satisfy the project's inclusionary housing requirements. The proposed residential lots range in size from 9,500 sq. ft. to 15,720 sq. ft. Four (4) of the proposed single-family lots, including the existing single-family home will access the site form Buena Vista Way, while the remaining eight lots will access the site from Valley Street by way of a new public cul-de-sac street. The project includes demolition of small sheds and remnant greenhouse/shade structures associated with a former agricultural use. Project grading affects 3.48 acres of the site with grading quantities consisting of 38,900 cubic yards of remedial (removal & compaction), 5,890 cubic yards of cut and 5,890 cubic yards of fill. No import or export is proposed. The project proposes a volume of grading equal to 1,693 cubic yards per acre.
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City of Carlsbad Yada Family Farm Subdivision
City of Carlsbad Yada Family Farm Subdivision