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Sodhani Winery Use Permit #P14-00402-UP & Viewshed Permit #P16-00111-VIEW
Construction of a new 12,000 gallon per year winery and associated winery structure (cut and cover cave), totaling 7,150 sf in area to include: 6,696 sf production area (fermentation room, barrel storage, wine storage, storage/mechanical area, restroom, lab, refuse, and outdoor area); 454 sf of accessory use area (office, break room, and entry area); with a max building height of approximately 35 ft above natural grade and 23 ft above the grade of the receiving area. 2) Hours of operation: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (production hours, except during harvest), seven days a week; 3) Employment of: two employees (two full time with one residing on-site) non harvest; two additional employees (two part time) during harvest, for a total maximum of four employees; 4) Employee hours: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, one (1) shift; 5) Construction of four parking spaces (three) standard spaces and one ADA space); 6) installation of landscaping; 7) Construction of a new 20-foot wide driveway from proposed winery to State Hwy 29; 8) installation of an in-ground wastewater treatment system; 9) removal of an existing water tank and construction of six 10,000 gallon water storage tanks, 156 sq. ft. fire pump house, and associated piping; and 10) Disposal of cave spoils on-site near the eastern property line as shown on the submitted site plan.
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Napa County Sodhani Winery Use Permit #P14-00402-UP & Viewshed Permit #P16-00111-VIEW
Napa County Sodhani Winery Use Permit #P14-00402-UP & Viewshed Permit #P16-00111-VIEW