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Vaughn Water Company New Municipal Well
SWRCB as the lead agency willbe issuing a water supply permit. The proposed project involves drilling and equipping a new municipal water well facility for Vaughn Water Company (VWC) and connecting it to the existing VWC distribution system. The well will obtain groundwater from an approx. depth of 700 foot to 1,200 foot. If hydrogen sulfide is encountered, well head treatment will be installed in the form of ozonation to remove the taste and odor problem. The well will be equipped with a turbine pump and will have a 400-hp electric motor. The pump will lift 2,500 gallons per minute into a 60,000 gallon stainless steel bolted contact tank. The well will be metered and regulated by a flow control valve. The water will then pass through 12-inch and 8-inch stainless steel venturi injectors installed in parallel. In between the well and tank, ozone will be injected into the flow stream. The pressure drop across the venturi injectors will create a suction that draws in the ozone. The ozone will be created by a 70 pounds/day ozone generator manufactured by Ozonia. The ozone generator will be supplied cooling water and dry air and utilize air and electricity to convert oxygen to ozone. All ozone piping will be stainless steel. The process piping, electrical equipment, ozone generator, air compressor, and air dryer will be installed in an air conditioned metal building with an ozone analyzer to detect any ozone leaks. A stainless steel 30 foot wide by 12 foot high bolted tank will be constructed. Water will be conveyed to the distribution system along Hageman Road (approx. 1,300 feet north of the site) to Wegis Avenue and along Winfield Avenue to Wegis Avenue (approx. 2,600 feet east of the site) by three horizontal centrifugal split-case booster pumps, installed discharge piping and appurtenances, a constructed 3,000 gallon hydropneumatic vessel, and installed 12-inch C900 PVC underground piping. The site will include an 18-inch deep retention basin for on-site drainage, an electrical main line extension by PG&E, and site lighting. The site will be enclosed by a 6-foot high chain-link fence with privacy slates and trees planted around the perimeter of the facility to be aesthetically appealing.
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State Water Resources Control Board Vaughn Water Company New Municipal Well
State Water Resources Control Board Vaughn Water Company New Municipal Well