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580-620 Clyde Avenue Office Project
The project is the redevelopment of an existing office/light industrial site with high-density office uses. The project proposes to demolish 75,841 sf of space in two existing single-story buildings, remove surface parking, landscaping, 54 of 90 existing trees, and other improvements in order to construct a new five-story office building containing up to 178,477 sf of space. The project would also construct a four-level parking garage containing 484 spaces, install 51 surface parking spaces, and would implement circulation, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements, along with new trees and landscaping. The project includes a request to rezone the project site from Limited Industrial to Planned Community Zoning to accommodate the proposed 0.8 floor area ratio.
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City of Mountain View 580-620 Clyde Avenue Office Project
City of Mountain View 580-620 Clyde Avenue Office Project