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ENV15-0008 and PHG15-0018 (Wastewater Collection Yard - HARRF)
The project involves a CUP for the development of approx. 1.8 acres of a large 15.4 acre site (APN 235-051-05) for the construction of a new wastewater collections yard at the City of Escondido's existing Hale Ave. Resource Recovery Facility. The proposed new facilities will consist of three separate pre-fabricated metal buildings (5,670 SF, 3,735 SF and 5,470 SF). The buildings would be used for maintenance of HARRF equipment and vehicles, equipment storage and warehouse purposes. Covered and uncovered outdoor storage areas also would be provided. Up 33 new parking spaces would be provided and employees working at the new facility either would use the new parking spaces or the existing parking areas at the adjacent HARRF facility to the north. Access to the site would be provided from the existing driveway access from Citracado Parkway on the south, or from the existing driveways from Hale Avenue through the HARRF facility. The site would be secured with the existing fencing along Citracado Parkway and a new security gate would be installed along the access drive near the Citracado Parkway entrance.
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City of Escondido PHG15-0018 and ENV15-0008 Waste Water Collections Yard - HARRF
City of Escondido ENV15-0008 and PHG15-0018 (Wastewater Collection Yard - HARRF)