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City of Huntington Beach General Plan Update
The General Plan Update is the fundamental policy document of the City of Huntington Beach and each city and county in CA is required to adopt a general plan and update the plan at regular intervals. Sections 65300-65404 and 65590-65590.1 of the CA Government Code establish the requirements for the minimum contents of the general plan and rules for adoption and subsequent amendments. The Huntington Beach General Plan was last comprehensively updated in 1996. The General Plan Update proposes to establish an overall development capacity for the City and serve as a policy guide for determining the appropriate physical development and character of Huntington Beach over an approx. 25-year planning horizon (to 2040). The General Plan Update provides a comprehensive policy framework that reflects growth, resource protection priorities, and recent state legislation through proposed goals, policies and implementation programs for the management and utilization of the City's physical and economic resources. The draft General Plan Update will guide civic decisions regarding land use, the design and/or character of buildings and open spaces, the conservation of existing housing and the provision of new dwelling units, the provision of supporting infrastructure and public services, the protection of environmental resources, the allocation of fiscal resources, and the protection of residents from natural and human-caused hazards. The draft General Plan Update incorporates components of the 1996 General Plan that are still applicable today, while reducing the number of optional elements and proposing a streamlined approach to the goals and policies. The General Plan Update proposes to establish a new Research and Technology (RT) land use designation within existing Industrially designated areas along he Gothard Street corridor and within the northwest industrial area south of the Boeing campus bounded by Bolsa Ave. to the north, Bolsa Chica Street to the west, Springdale St. to the east, and Edinger Avenue to the south. The proposed policies associated with the RT designation highlight and prioritize the City's commitment to job growth and sustained economic growth and vitality. The Land Use Element of the General Plan Update establishes a development capacity and land use map for the City over a 25-year period (to 2040). The General Plan Update accommodates an additional 7,228 dwelling units and 5,384,920 sq. ft. of non-residential uses over 2014 conditions. While the General Plan Update does not change any of the City's existing residential designations or convert existing single-family residential designated areas to another land use, it allows for continued residential growth within the city's current residentially developed areas and established densities of those areas. The General Plan Update does not proposed additional Specific Plans or changes to the maximum permitted density and intensity established by each adopted Specific Plan within the City. Non-residential growth is targeted in the proposed Research and Technology areas while anticipating that there will be continued development in non-residential areas for commercial, public school and other non-residential sues.
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City of Huntington Beach City of Huntington Beach General Plan Update (General Plan Amendment no. 14-002)
City of Huntington Beach City of Huntington Beach General Plan Update
City of Huntington Beach General Plan Update