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rPlanet Earth Los Angeles, LLC
rPlant Earth, LLC has submitted an application for a conditional use permit to construct and operate a recycling facility. The process will consist of incoming baled postconsumer PET being delivered to the facility via truck. The bales will then be broken into single bottles that will undergo a series of scans by high tech optical sorters supplemented by human sortation. The resulting clear plastic PET bottles will be grinded into a flake and undergo a series of dry and then wet wash steps prior to being heated to about 200 degrees Celsius and residing in the vacuum decontamination reactors where it is purified to the FDA's requirements for direct food contact (the plant will have the ability to purify the rPET flake to the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co specs, that are considered to be the most stringent in the industry and exceed those of the FDA). The resulting "bottle grade" flake will then be used to manufacture extruded sheet, thermoformed containers (drinking cups, deli round containers, salad containers, etc) and preforms (the first part produced in the 2 step process to manufacture PET beverage containers). The finished product will then be moved to the warehouse area within the facility prior to being shipped to their customers located in the LA area. The facility will run 24/7 with two 12 shifts per day.
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City of Vernon rPlanet Earth - Recycling Facility
City of Vernon rPlanet Earth Los Angeles, LLC