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NB-12.2 Recycled Booster Station
The NB-12.2 Recycled Booster Station (the Project) consists of construction and operation of a recycled water booster station that would be used to provide recycled water for landscape irrigation purposes to new residential development. Construction of the Project will consist of the following: -Clearing, grubbing, and grading the Project site; -Installation of three (3) electric motor driven multi-stage vertical turbine pumping units (pumps); -Construction of belowgrade pump suction piping and isolations valves; -Construction of abovegrade pump discharge piping and valves, including check valves and isolation valves; -Connection to an existing 24-inch diameter non-potable water pipeline in California Street; -Construction of a discharge hydropneumatic tank and appurtenances; -Installation of electrical service, electrical switchgear (motor control center), and equipment controls; -Construction of a masonry block building with a metal deck roof to enclose the pumping units and electrical switchgear; and -Construction of a block wall fence and installation of landscaping. At this time, it is expected that only two of the proposed pumps will be installed, with one operational and one as standby. The third pump will be installed at a future date. Operation of the Project includes receiving non-potable water from the existing 24-inch diameter pipeline in California Street (sourced from the Henry N. Wochloiz Regional Water Recycled Facility) and operating the recycled water booster station as a closed system, initially pumping into the hydro pneumatic tank at a rate of approximately 600 gallons per minute, with one pump operational and one pump as standby. Once the third pump is installed, the recycled booster station will operate with two pumps operational and one pump as standby. The anticipated ultimate capacity of the pumping plant is approximately 1,800 gpm. As development and demand increase, the recycled booster station will ultimately pump into a future recycled water reservoir that will serve recycled water to multiple tracts and parks for irrigation use. The construction and operation of the future recycled water reservoir is not a part of the Project.
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Yucaipa Valley Water District NB-12.2 Recycled Booster Station
Yucaipa Valley Water District NB-12.2 Recycled Booster Station