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Byron Highway-Camino Diablo Intersection Improvements
Byron Highway and Camino Diablo Road are heavily used truck and commuter routes that provide a vital transportation link between Contra Costa and Alameda Counties as well as San Joaquin County. Both Byron Highway and Camino Diablo Road are two-lane roads with no turning lanes and no shoulders at this intersection. Neither road is signalized, with free-though movements on Byron Highway and stop controls on both legs of Camino Diablo Road. The project includes installation of new traffic signal lights and road improvements to accommodate the addition of left turn lanes on three of the four legs at the intersection. The existing travel lanes will be widened approximately 1,300 feet along Byron Highway (500 feet north to 800 feet south of the intersection) and approximately 800 feet along Camino Diablo Road (600 feet west and 200 feet east of the intersection). The road widening will provide 12-foot wide travel lanes, 12-foot wide left turn lanes, and 5-foot wide paved shoulders on both roads. A majority of the pavement widening will be along the east side of Byron Highway south of the intersection and the north side of Camino Diablo Road west of the intersection. In addition, a railroad crossing adjacent to the intersection will be improved with the installation of new railroad panels and crossing gates. The project will also provide pedestrian facilities along the north side of Camino Diablo Road from the intersection of Main Street to Byron Highway which will include sidewalk, curb, and ADA ramps, and crosswalk. The project is partially funded by federal transportation funds, High Risk Rural Road program. Project construction is planned for 2016 and will take approximately 4 months to complete sometime between April and October 2016. Construction activities associated with the project include the acquisition of new right-of-way (ROW) and earthwork for the roadway widening, tree removals, drainage improvements, utility and roadway signage relocations, guard rail installation, and restriping to accommodate new travel lane configurations. One-way traffic control on Byron Highway, and road closure on Camino Diablo Road just west of the intersection for work around the railroad will be required for a portion of the project. Real property transactions will be necessary in support of this project including fee titles for the ROW acquisitions and temporary construction easements.
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Contra Costa County Byron Highway-Camino Diablo Rd Intersection Improvements - CP#15-01: WO#:0662-6R4094
Contra Costa County Byron Highway-Camino Diablo Intersection Improvements
Contra Costa County Byron Highway-Camino Diablo Intersection Improvements