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Revised Draft Heritage Ridge Residential Project EIR
A Draft EIR was circulated for public review in 2016 and the administrative draft Final EIR was completed in 2018. Since that time, the project has been revised to include the conversion of the senior component to an affordable housing component (targeting low/very low senior and family residents), reduction in the total number of housing units from 360 to 332 units, changed the mix of units from market rate and senior units to market rate (228 units) and affordable units (104 units) for senior and families, and to provide increased right-of-way along Los Carneros Road, resulting in a building setback shift along this roadway. The affordable unit component maybe up to 100% supportive housing if necessary funding is secured. Finally, the application was revised to remove the request for a parking modification because, as an affordable housing development, the project would qualify for reduced affordable housing parking requirements in accordance with Gov. Code Section 65915. These changes required revision to the EIR Project Description as well as updated analysis in the following issue areas: air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, noise, public services, transportation, and utilities and service systems. The proposed revisions to the project do not substantially change the overall development footprint or the project footprint relative to identified tribal cultural resources on the project site. Moreover, since completion of the prior Draft EIR for the prior design iteration of the project, new regulatory requirements and updated CEQA guidelines and thresholds (updated in late-2018), as well as changes to the project-level environmental and cumulative setting in the vicinity of the Project have occurred. As a result of these changes, additional analysis of topics, including air quality, greenhouse gas emissions transportation impact (thresholds have changed from Level of Service to Vehicles Miles Traveled), energy demand, tribal cultural resources, and wildfire risk, were added to the EIR. Therefore, revisions to the prior Draft EIR are reflected in Section 2.0, Project Description, Sections 4.2 (air quality), 4.4 (cultural and tribal cultural), 4.6 (Greenhouse Gas), 4.9 (Land Use), 4.10 (Noise), 4.11 (Public Services), 4.13 (Transportation), and 4.14 (Utilities) of the Draft EIR. The cumulative setting/baseline has also been updated in Section 3.0, Related Projects. Further, new sections 4.16 and 4.17 have been added to the Revised Draft EIR in the areas of energy and wildfire, respectively, that were not included in the original Draft EIR. This recirculation also includes the relevant portions of appendices as originally contained in the Draft EIR and supplemented, as necessary, as a result of updates to the Project. PUBLIC REVIEW OF THE REVISED DRAFT EIR
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City of Goleta Revised Draft Heritage Ridge Residential Project EIR
City of Goleta Heritage Ridge Residential Project
City of Goleta Heritage Ridge Residential Project