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Vista Del Agua
CVP Palms SPrings, LLC,in affiliation with Strategic Land Partners, L.P. is proposing"Vista Del Agua", a master planned development on approximately 275 acres (as well ass approximately 29 acres of off-site infrastructure improvements, totaling approximately 304 acres, both on and off-site) within the City of Coachella , within Riverside County, California, The project includes 1,640 multi-family and single family residential units, general commercial and neighborhood commercial uses, and open space in the form of a community park and trails and paseos. The project also proposes onsite infrastructure, as well as approximately 29 acres of offsite infrastructure improvements in the City of Coachella , Riverside County.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Coachella Vista Del Agua
City of Coachella Vista Del Agua Specific Plan
City of Coachella Vista Del Agua Specific Plan