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Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan
The Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan (DHSP) area totals approximately 786 acres or 1.23 sf. The DHSP designates five land use areas (residential, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use and public/quasi public) and four opportunity sites known as Transformative Projects. The four Transformative Projects (Hawthorne Mall, Civic Center, South Bay Ford, and St. Joseph's Plaza) in the DHSP are sites identified for new and catalytic development and investment. The Transformative Projects are intended to embody bold ideas and further support the Specific Plan's vision and objectives, which include: 1) provide a clear vision and flexible strategies framework that will help spur the future evolution of Downtown Hawthorne; 2) ensure an economically vibrant, safe, healthy and sustainable Downtown Hawthorne that supports a range of users, including residents, business owners, workers and visitors; 3) capitalize on key transformative projects that will be catalysts for future public and private investment and positive change; 4) identify opportunities to develop and expand plazas, parks and open space areas to support a livable and healthy downtown; 5) foster strong connectivity, access and circulation for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and automobiles; and 6) engage the entire community in robust, creative and ongoing engagement and participation processes. The City of Hawthorne General Plan, including the General Plan Land Use Map, will also be amended concurrent with the adoption of the DHSP, which includes a proposed land use diagram, and goals and policies of the Specific Plan.
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City of Hawthorne Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan
City of Hawthorne Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan
City of Hawthorne Downtown Hawthorne Specific Plan