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Housing Element Update 2014-19
As part of the overall master or General Plan, the Housing Element identifies the existing housing needs in the community, and sets forth goals, policies and programs to address these needs. State law requires Housing Elements to be updated at least every five years to reflect a community's changing housing needs. This update covers the 2014-2019 period pursuant to the update cycle for jurisdictions within the Lake County. The Clearlake Housing Element was last updated in 20010 and is currently being updated to address existing and projected housing needs. The Clearlake Housing Element is comprised of the following major components: a. An analysis of the City's population, household and employment base, and the characteristics of the housing stock, including a summary of the present and projected housing needs of the City's households. b. A review of resources that will facilitate the development of new housing and potential constraints to meeting the City's identified housing needs. c. A housing strategy, which addresses housing goals, policies and programs to address Clearlake's identified housing needs. The Housing Element itself does not define the residential growth potential of the City; rather, it works within the framework of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance, which establishes the type and amount of future residential development permitted in Clearlake.
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City of Clearlake Five Year Update to the City of Clearlake General Plan Housing Element
City of Clearlake Housing Element Update 2014-19