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Green Diamond - R1501, MS1504, GPA1501 - Rezone, Minor Subdivision, General Plan Amendment
The project area is a 12-acre portion of an approximately 40-acre parcel which the applicant has proposed to subdivide into four parcels. A portion of the parcel located on the west side of Lake Earl Drive is not part of this subdivision, is formally designated as the Remainder Parcel, and is thereby excluded from this project. There is a small watercourse, which is a tributary of Russell Creek that runs across the southernmost parcel (Lot 4) in the proposed subdivision. The applicant has proposed a 100-foot buffer to minimize impacts to the creek and associated area, resulting in this parcel (Lot 4) being 6.64-acres while the other proposed parcels (lots 1-3) are each 2-acres in size. Lot 1 has an existing 50-foot easement across it that provides secondary access to an interior parcel east of this project. Lots 2, 3, and 4 are accessed from a shared easement off of Lake Earl Drive while Lot 1 is accessed from a separate easement approximately 800-feet to the north of the access to Lots 2-4. Each of the parcels that are proposed would be developed with private onsite wells and onsite sewage disposal systems as public water and sewer are not available in the project area. In order to approve the subdivision the land must also be re-designated under the County General Plan and County Zoning. Currently, the land involved in the project is designated TBR (Timberland) under the General Plan and TPZ (Timber Preserve Zone) under the Zoning. The applicant has proposed to change these designations to RR-1/2 (Rural Residential, One dwelling unit per 2 acres) and RR-2 (Rural Residential - 2-acre minimum parcel size) under the General Plan and Zoning, respectively. No development is proposed.
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Del Norte County Fort Dick Subdivision - Timberland Conversion #625
Del Norte County Green Diamond - Minor Subdivision, Rezone, General Plan Amendment - MS1504, R1501, GPA1501
Del Norte County Green Diamond - R1501, MS1504, GPA1501 - Rezone, Minor Subdivision, General Plan Amendment