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Saban Design Review and Variance Neg Dec
The proposed project is to complete the demolition of a pre-existing 870-square foot residence (of which all but 265 square feet has already been demolished) and construct a new residence on the vacant lot. The total proposed building area would be 1,429 square feet, consisting of 940 square feet of floor area and a 488 square foot garage. The proposal also includes 46 square feet of covered porches. The proposed project would result in a floor area ratio of approximately 5 percent on the 17,890 square foot lot. The proposed residence would reach a maximum height of 22 feet above surrounding grade and the exterior walls would have the following minimum setbacks: 20 feet from the top of the stream bank; 62 feet from the eastern from the eastern front property line; 66 feet from the northern side property line; 26 feet from the southern side property line; and 8 feet 3 inches from the western rear property line. Various site improvements are also proposed, including a vehicle bridge and a footbridge across the stream, a new septic system, a six foot high fence in the front yard, low retaining walls, a parking area made of pervious pavers, and landscaping.
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Marin County Saban Variance and Design Review
Marin County Saban Variance and Design Review
Marin County Saban Design Review and Variance Neg Dec