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C-14-110, Replacement City Water Well, Pump Station 303A
Lito Buco has filed this application on behalf of City of Fresno Water Division, which pertains to approx. 0.26 acre of property located northeast and contiguous to the terminus of North Lafayette Ave. cul-de-sac abutting Herndon Avenue, west of North Van Ness Blvd in northwest Fresno. The applicant proposes the construction of Water Well Pump Station No. 303A located at 6780 North Lafayette Avenue, to replace Pump Station 303. The applicant requests authorization to drill and operate a replacement water supply well (City Pump Station No. 303A), construct an equipment building and 6 foot high masonry wall, install emergency generator set, landscape the perimeter of the site to screen equipment and treatment facilities, future water remediation facilities and treatment systems for groundwater contaminants. The proposed pump station facility will pump groundwater into the City's municipal water distribution system. The site has been sized and configured to accept pumping equipment, power supply, and water remediation facilities, primarily an Iron and Manganese Filtration system and a Granular Activated Carbon treatment system to be installed if synthetic organic compounds are detected in the groundwater at significant concentrations. The proposed pump station facility will be constructed in three phases. The subject property is zoned R-1-B (Fresno County) and is designated for Medium-Low Density Residential planned land uses by the Fresno General Plan and the Bullard Community Plan.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Fresno City of Fresno Environmental Assessment No. C-14-110 for Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-14-110
City of Fresno C-14-110, Replacement City Water Well, Pump Station 303A
City of Fresno Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-14-110

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