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Rotter Subdivision
A Minor Subdivision of an approximately 7.08 acre parcel into two parcels of approximately 5.6 acres and 1.48 acres in size. A Special Permit is requested to utilize Lot Size Modification pursuant to Section 313- of the Zoning Regulations to deviate from the 2-acre minimum parcel size for the resultant 1.48 acre parcel. The parcel is currently developed with a single family residence west of the road (proposed Parcel 1). A Coastal Development Permit and Special Permit are requested for the construction of an approximately 576 sf secondary dwelling unit on proposed Parcel 2 prior to the recordation of the subdivision including Design Review. A Coastal Development Permit issued by the California Coastal Commission is required for the approval of the subdivision. Water is provided by the Parvin Creek Mutual Water System as well as a spring on proposed Parcel 1. On-site wastewater treatment systems are existing and proposed.
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Humboldt County Rotter Subdivision
Humboldt County Rotter Subdivision
Humboldt County Rotter Subdivision